The City Club of Eugene Podcast

Celebration of Undergraduate Women in Science

May 15, 2022

Four undergraduate women from the University of Oregon explain their #research projects in this annual celebration of research at the college level.

Our speakers include Sanjana Basak from the #EmbodyLab at the @UOKnightCampus, explaining her research on ophthalmic biochemistry; Karly Fear, discussing ways to improve bone fracture healing; Audra McNamee, @UOComputerInformationScience, talking about her comic book, "Welcome to Computer Science"; and Jenna Travers, #UOMarine Biology and the #GlacierLab, explaining her work on salmon preservation. All four are members of the @UOClarkHonorsCollege.

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(This episode was broadcast on May 13, 2022)

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